Light and Color

It’s been far too long between blog posts. But, as wedding season slows down, the blog can (hopefully) come back to life.

This particular post is one I’ve been meaning to write for some time, introducing a new section of the website: Still Life. The goal, I hope, is to showcase some of my photography that doesn’t fit neatly into my usual landscape, portrait, and wedding work.

First up, these photos that, for now, I’m just calling Light and Color:

I first began this series last winter, mostly out of boredom. I wanted to go landscape shooting right around the time we were hit with 32″ of snow, so I got the idea to create my own landscapes, if at all possible.

These images are created in my kitchen, mostly, using a series of off-camera flashes, a macro lens, some paint on a pane of glass, and a bit of post-processing color theory. The flashes illuminate portions of the paint, providing light and depth to the images.

Some, like the image above, I created intentionally to look like places I’ve been. (This image reminds me of the glaciers we visited in Iceland). Others, like this image:

come about completely randomly.

Either way, I certainly hope you enjoy these and the other images in the gallery. As always, thanks for reading!

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About Brent DeLanoy

Writer, photographer. Owner of Kickstand Photography, providing photography services in and around Oneonta, NY.